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Jean Sebastien has had an international business executive career, having work with more than 30 countries, lived in 6 different.
He has spend almost 30 years working for IKEA and other major International retailers, running leadership and managing director roles in Supply Chain, procurement, sales and human resources. Before joining Båtagent for Skåne, Jean Sebastien was a Chief People officer for a large European company and is as well running his own company as certified professional executive coach.

Sailing is part of the family DNA, as he started sailing at 7 with his father, and racing on their 420 dinghy, then later cruising in the Mediterranean and on the beautiful Atlantic French coast on his Jeanneau Aquila 28, Attalia 32 and First 35. Moving to Malmö in 2018 was the opportunity to acquire through Båtagent a Bavaria 39 cruiser before falling in love with the Orust beautifully and craftsmanship made boats. Together with his family, you can meet Jean Sebastien sailing his beloved Malö 45 around Sweden or Denmark.

As your boat is a great expression of who you are, with his combined passion for boat and people, Jean Sebastien will support you making your best choice. Speaking French, English, German and learning Swedish, he can help you looking for boats or for a location in France as well.

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